Tatiana Galli

Smith College Class of 2020
Tati recently graduated from Smith College earning a master’s degree in Education. As a Korean American, she enjoys learning about her heritage and ancestry. Two summers ago, she traveled to South Korea with KASC for their 11th conference and visited the DMZ, UN Cemetery, and other fascinating sites. Fun fact is that Tati is half-Italian and has a parent who comes from Rome and has traveled extensively to Italy ever since she was a child because she has citizenship. During her undergraduate degree, she majored in Education and Italy and studied in Florence for a year, pursuing a yearlong early childhood internship where she found her passion for writing. In her spare time, Tati loves traveling because traveling involves educating oneself, confronting one’s biases and empathizing with other humans, and learning about other cultures. Throughout the fellowship, Tati hopes to meet new people and learn ways to stay resilient and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, she aspires to partake in discourses relating to Korean American identity and how to make impacts through leadership within Korean American communities.