Emerging Leaders Summit:

Sparking Energy in Young Professionals
Summit Videos

As the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world off guard, many college students and recent graduates have had to face the uncertainty of the future with school closures and canceled summer opportunities.

Many were left thinking, “Where do we go from here? With social distancing guidelines and lock-down parameters in place, how can we prepare ourselves to grow from this experience rather than feeling stuck and unproductive? How can we use this as an opportunity to hone our skills and sharpen our minds?

To address these questions, IgniteNextGen developed the Emerging Leaders Summit, a virtual leadership summit intended to prepare young leaders for the future work environment that featured the following:


Panel Discussion with Licensed Therapist and Trauma Professional Jeanie Chang and Artistic Director Chil Kong

Performance & Spotlight with Globally Renowned Concert Pianist Alpin Hong

Fireside chat with UCLA Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Jerry Kang


On May 21st, 2020, over 1,500 people gathered for this 3-hour long webinar. It was a powerful gathering that provided participants with personal and professional growth, new allies, new friendships, and community.

Recognizing the incredible success of the Emerging Leaders Summit, the IgniteNextGen team realized the need to expand upon this, leading to the creation of the IgniteNextGen Professional Fellowship Program and the Summer Series. At IgniteNextGen, we continuously aim to cultivate Courage, Inspiration, and Clarity within our young Asian American leaders. 


Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have closed some doors, we hope that the 2020 IgniteNextGen Professional Fellowship Program and the Summer Series will open a new door to grow on both a personal and professional level.

The Emerging Leaders Summit and IgniteNextGen Series are presented in partnership by the Council of Korean Americans and the Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles.